Conversion of licenses

Available in: Spain & Poland



The objective of this course is to convert an ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) commercial flight crew license to an EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) compliant license, allowing the holder to operate commercial aircraft in all EASA Member States.

We are specialists in the conversion of licenses from third countries ICAO to EASA license.

We take care of managing all the administrative procedures and procedures so that the student only has to contribute their flight experience and perform the hours that are required.

The requirements are specific for each license and qualification according to the accumulated personal experience, given the complexity of each case, we recommend contacting us to study your situation in order to provide a personalized response.

“With your Private Pilot License PPL (A) or Commercial Pilot CPL (A), you can start the theory of MATPL (A) to get the Airline Transport Pilot license ATPL (A) EASA”.

There are different recognitions of flight hours or credits depending on the accredited experience of the pilot aspiring to convert his license. The pilot may keep the original license and the EASA in force.


  • Pilots with more than 50 IFR PIC hours will be able to take an IR experience evaluation course.
  • Pilots with Private License and 100 flight hours can access the Private EASA in a simple way.
  • Commercial licensed pilots with more than 500 hours will be able to reduce conversion training by 50%.
  • Pilots with a TLA License will be able to carry out a very short conversion process.


The course includes:

  • Online training platform and videoconference.
  • EASA exam question bank.
  • Own exam room for those students who want it.
  • Tutorials or ground school for those students who request it.
  • Garmin / Glass Cockpit aircraft and simulators for training.
  • We manage the documentation with the aeronautical authority.

Admission requirements:

  • ICAO valid license (PPA hereinafter).
  • Valid Argentine or European passport.
  • Certificate of license and flight hours issued by the aeronautical authority. (Documents issued by Third Countries must be duly legalized. For more information on the legalization of documents depending on the issuing state: Apostille of The Hague or legalization via consular.
  • Flight instructor ratings cannot be validated.

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